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Since retirement from teaching, my life is encompassed by writing...River Heron Review, AWA Workshops, and my own writing and poetry. "Encompassed." Like the root "compass" from c. 1300, meaning "space, area, extent, circumference," my time is bounded by writing - reading the works of others, writing poems, and facilitating others' writing. Prior to retirement, I frequently referred to Henry David Thoreau's musings on why he left Walden. "I have other lives to live" became my raison d'être. The other, possible lives I might live, though I was not certain what lives those might be, provided the impetus to leave my classroom and journey on. And this journey led to a life immersed in writing.


Elegy for Summer's Passing
The dawn broke
red, pink.
Feathery clouds exhaled...(here)

Long Night of Winter
What you didn't know
was the night my father died
I ran outside to the waiting trees
cold in their winter garden...(here)

Know This
All day long I say nothing but I am sorry.
The words tumble in breaths and yawns,
wait for acceptance at the breakfast table,
over black coffee and blue bowls of...(here)

Old Koi Pond
I dream of swimming
among Bekko koi, become,
flash into orangebloom,
sunset brilliant scales...(here)